The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

The book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team goes through how executives are also struggling to make a workable team and how leadership is important to change the dynamics of a team. There are five struggles that the teams face as shown on the right side of the infographics and results shown on the left side of the infographics. The most important factor is the absence of trust. If the team lacks trust, invulnerability will happen in the team causing more trouble. Most teams are fearful of conflict. This leads to artificial harmony and making the team seem fine while it’s not. Lack of commitment within a team especially in a start-up will cause ambiguity — having a clear distinction on the role will make sure no work is done twice or left unfinished. Avoidance of accountability will create low standards since no one is willing to claim their wrongdoings and just continue to blame each other. And last is inattention to results. This will cause status and ego which will harm the team’s leadership and ultimately crumble down.

These are important qualities that leaders would try to overcome in their team. It was interesting to see how even experienced executives still struggle through this problem and having a strong leader could change the entire course of a team. The leader has to point out any problem in the organization to proceed and make real change or else, these dysfunctions will bring conflict in the team and causing people to leave or lose passion. This pyramid isn’t a comprehensive list that covers all of the potential dysfunctions of a team but this would be a great guideline to lead a team in the right direction.




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Sung Won Seo

Sung Won Seo

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